District Heating

District heating is not a new concept. But a new mindset is needed to provide centrally generated heat as efficiently as possible through a system of insulated pipes for the heating needs of homes and businesses. Because if they are efficiently and sustainably planned and developed, heating networks reduce CO2 emissions and costs, whether these are combined heat and power plants that are multi-fuel capable with biomass or H2-ready, or geothermal heating, heat pumps, central solar heating or use of heat recovery. In an open technology approach, GETEC uses all technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers and improve their ESG balance.

District Heating 

District heating systems can provide greater levels of efficiency and better environmental protection than local boilers. New generation district heating networks often operate without on-site combustion which means they have no on-site CO2 and NO2 emissions. They use heat transfer with the help of electricity that can be generated from renewable energy sources. GETEC also has such concepts in place for the innovative supply of modern districts of the future. 

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